About us

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Capuchin Outreach to the Poor (Parkdale) was founded in 1987 by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars of Central Canada with the vision of creating a faith community with the poor by providing direct services that seek to enhance the sense of human dignity of those who are in need.

St Francis Table, the primary expression of Capuchin Outreach, serves on average 250 meals per day, six days a week in Toronto’s Parkdale community. Patrons are asked to make a $1 donation towards their three course meal which is provided with full restaurant service.

St Clare Centre is our Outreach and Drop-In space, hosting weekly AA meetings as well as an informal drop-in for patrons of St Francis Table.

We receive no government or United Way funding, instead relying on the charity of private individuals and businesses for our income.

Capuchin Outreach to the Poor (Parkdale) is a registered charitable organization